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As we get closer to the most wonderful time of the year – FOOTBALL TIME – two of the more important areas of questions for prospective registrants are practice and game schedules. Prior to the start of school, practices are held Monday-Friday, usually from 6-8 p.m. There are often Saturday scrimmages prior to the regular season, too. The head coach of each time will provide this information as quickly and completely as possible, since we realize that family schedules have to be considered as well. 
Game schedules are designed by the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL), in which Braddock Road Youth Club Football and 15 other organizations participate. As you may imagine, it takes a great deal of effort and planning to come up with a game schedule to ensure that teams play seven games and also have some flexibility for makeup games in the event there are cancellations due to weather or other circumstances. Following are some key points in developing the game schedule:
1)      Approximately 70% of FCYFL games are scheduled on Saturdays.
2)      Approximately 25% of FCYFL games are scheduled on Sundays.
3)      Approximately 5% of FCYFL games are scheduled on weeknights (Mon-Fri).
4)     For fans of pro sports teams, such as the Washington Commanders, game scheduling unfortunately isn’t predicated on the team’s home or away schedule.
5)     All game scheduling is done with the available field space provided by the individual member clubs. It is recognized that there will be conflicts at times between player availability and the schedule. Please advise your head coach of these conflicts as soon as possible.
6)     When games are postponed, they must be made up as soon as possible because of limited facilities available, unpredictability of weather, and limited availability of dates/times. This means games could be rescheduled as quickly as the day after a postponement.   
7)      With the introduction of the new artificial turf fields coming on line around the county, FCYFL will schedule and reschedule games on these weatherproof sites in the best interests of finishing the season on time and not canceling any games.  This scheduling pattern takes precedent over the “home” game concept experienced in the past.  When possible, home games will continue to be scheduled for teams as much as possible, however “playing the game” is the most important goal.  In the next few years, sport fields in our region will undergo a MAJOR renovation to synthetic turf surfaces, providing more flexibility in scheduling.
8)      The availability of game officials and the weather are the primary reasons for the initial schedule and schedule changes.
9)     FCYFL has member clubs from Gainesville to Arlington, from Manassas to Leesburg.  FCYFL tries to look at weekly match-ups, time and location of games when schedules are developed.  However, the availability of lighted fields significantly impacts “convenient” geographical scheduling that is sometimes challenging.  Teams are matched by draw not by geography, so the possibility exists in each weight class that all clubs may play any other club, anywhere in the county.  We are cognizant that traffic, early morning, and late night games can be challenging.  In many cases, there is often no other scheduling alternative, so players and parents should be aware of these participation conditions.