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Braddock RoadYouth Club Football & Cheer 2013
Annual Raffle Drawing Results

Grand Prize: $1,000 – D McGinity (#3076)

$500 – Kathy Azua (#2786)
$250 – Sherri Garretson (#1364)

2014 BRYC Football/Cheerleading Registration –
S. McClain (#5124)
$25 Gift Certificate for BRYC Spirit Wear-
Jamie Hodum (#2628)
Bath Spa Collection Basket –
Claudia Figueroa (#5596)

Please email  to arrange pick up of your prize. If you know a winner, please have them contact us at


BRYC is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations would therefore be tax deductible. However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check with a tax professional regarding specific tax advice.

BRYC has one of the lowest registration fees in the county, and those fees cover only half of what we are required to pay for each player to participate in youth sports. Each team in BRYC Football and Cheer has a minimum goal of $900, which helps offset the costs and keep registration fees low. Any funds raised beyond that minimum amount go to pay for the needs of the club including new football gear, scholarships for low income families, training for coaches, and improvements in concussion awareness and protection. With all of the new safety standards in Fairfax County, the country, and football as a whole, the cost to improve safety while keeping the spirit of the game for our players increases dramatically each year.
The raffle is our largest fundraising effort, and the sale of the tickets goes a long way in helping us meet our financial obligations.

Additional information on our program, fundraising, and budget can be found on our website at