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BRYC Football/Cheerleading fundraising is an opportunity to raise money to cover costs that BRYC endures in order to have a Football/Cheerleading program.  Fundraising is a key factor in our success. All players and parents are asked to support the league's efforts to provide funding for equipment, facilities, officials, and other needs of the program. Our success in fundraising allows us to maintain one of the lowest registration fees in the county.

Participation in fundraising is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Throughout the season we will have a number of different fundraising opportunities (which will be posted on this site) and families are encouraged to participate, but not expected to participate in all activities. Our hope is that this gives everyone the opportunity to contribute in a way that is most comfortable to them. 

Each team has a goal of raising $900.  If a team raises $2,500, each player and coach on the team will be rewarded with an item, such as a BRYC jacket or football jersey. For cheer, since squads are smaller than football, and since most cheerleaders are siblings of football players, the above goals are set for all of cheer. If the cheerleaders reach the $2,500 mark, the reward will go to the squad that raises the largest percentage of the overall total.

Any and all ways you choose to participate in fundraising will be credited towards your team goal, including sponsorships and raffle tickets. Below are just some of the ways you can choose to contribute to fundraising. 

Additional Information can be found here or on the BRYC Football and Cheerleading Home Page under Fundraising

Annual Raffle: Each season, BRYC holds a raffle. Each player and cheerleader will receive a pack of 15 raffle tickets when they pick up their equipment. Tickets are sold for $5/ea or 5 for $20. If each cheerleader sold all of their raffle tickets, we would not have to do any fundraising and would surpass our annual fundraising goal. Prizes are determined annually, are determined by donations we receive from parents, sponsors, and local businesses, and are posted on the BRYC Fundraising page once the list is finalized. Have a donation? Please contact the Fundraising Director, your team parent or your coach. See our program contacts page or BRYC fundraising page for more information. 

Sponsors:  BRYC is a 501c3 organization. Do you have a business you frequent often? A dentist or pediatrician, restaurant, service provider, or local business? Maybe the mechanic that fixes your car, or the gas station you visit. Do you, a family member or friend own a company? Maybe your employer has a community outreach mentality? You would be surprised at how willing people are to donate to youth sports programs. 
Our sponsor program allows local businesses the opportunity to support our community organization and increase their marketing base at the same time. 
While we primarily look for cash sponsorships, we can also use other types of donations such as gift cards, discount cards, give away items, etc that can be used for raffle prizes, or game prizes for Spirit Day.  Visit our Sponsor page for both the Donation Form and Sponsorship Form and to find out what benefits sponsors can receive.
Have a fundraising idea? Let us know! We are always looking for great ways to both improve our program and reduce the effort and burden on our families.
Thanks for your support!